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Clare Grundel, Nutritional Therapist joins the team.

We are delighted to welcome Clare Grundel, a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist to our team of practitioners. Clare works with individuals and groups with chronic health conditions, who want to see if nutritional changes could tip the scales towards reduced symptoms and a better quality of life. Consultations with Clare are now available upon request at the Althos Clinic. All sessions will assess how well your digestion is functioning, looking at nutrient absorption, areas of malfunction, bacterial profile and detoxification. She is particularly interested in looking at optimizing digestive function to support inflammatory joint conditions, chronic digestion disorders, skin conditions, childhood allergies and autoimmunity. Clare’s aim is to provide a motivating and inspiring experience, in the relaxed and friendly environment of the Althos Clinic. You will feel supported to make appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes so you can rediscover your zest for life! Contact the clinic now to arrange a free 10 minute ‘Discovery’ call with Clare to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you.