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Come along on Saturday 14 October between 2-4pm and learn how to shake off tension, stress and trauma in a gentle, safe and natural way.

TRE® Tension/Trauma Release Exercises

TRE® is a revolutionary easy to learn, self-help technique that is available to everyone and releases deep chronic tension in the body.

Trauma and stress are a part of life whether from accident, illness, abuse, bereavement or divorce.  Our bodies respond automatically and unconsciously via the fight flight, fright response leading to a wide range of symptoms from anxiety to post traumatic stress.

Our bodies have a built in stress reducing mechanism that we have been socialised out of. This natural mechanism can be easily activated and self-regulated to release deep chronic tension and restore balance in our nervous system.

Individuals of all ages and abilities can safely learn to initiate and regulate this valuable stress reducing system.

This natural non-invasive method encourages health and vitality through relaxation, release of tight muscles and rebalance of the nervous system.